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Healthcorp VS. Clinical research - which is better to strengthen application?

Discussion in 'Re-Applicants [ MD / DO ]' started by DrSus, May 27, 2008.

  1. DrSus

    DrSus Dr. Sus 2+ Year Member

    Jul 15, 2007
    So my S.O. applied this year very late to very limited number of schools and did not get in. He's trying to decide between clinical research job at same medical school as me vs. Healthcorp/Americorp in a city separated by many states. He has had past research with publications but also ample volunteer hours though....what do you guys think? I've heard stories of Americorp/healthcorp members getting interviews they claim they wouldn't have gotten otherwise? Any help is much appreciated! :)
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  3. tbo

    tbo MS-4 10+ Year Member

    May 5, 2002
    I think the key here is to ask why he didn't get in. Phone calls to adcomms from the places he did apply to would be a smart start. Does he look like a "mechanical" applicant? Solid grades, solid MCATs, no ECs, no volunteering? If so, Americorp would help show his want to "help". Does his application scream "med school" with clinical experience or has he never walked through the door of one? If the latter, clinical research at a Duke hospital will bolster that part of his app.

    If he didn't get in because of a low GPA or a low MCAT, neither will do anything. Conversely, if people didn't like his PS or his LORs, both experiences will help regardless. The key is to strengthen weaknesses in the app.

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