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May 24, 2002
    It has been a while since I have been actively posting due to computer distasters. I hope all my fellow MSTP applicants are doing well. I am happy to see many of you have interviews.

    I need a little advice from anyone who is willing to help out. After my April MCAT foul-up, I was a bit discouraged. I re-took in August and feel like a nailed the verbal. I submitted AMCAS a little late (mid-august) and I am hearing that AAMC verification lag time is growing exponentially. I applied to 17 MD/PhD programs.

    Do you all think I should submit online secondaries/MSTP apps to schools such as Yale and Wash U before they get my AMCAS app? Also, is it kosher to submit LORs to my schools before they have my AMCAS? I feel like a strong applicant, but I know that I am at a disadvantage because I applied late.
    Your words of wisdom are appreciated.
    PS: Happy belated birthday Jot!!
    hey isid, thanks for the shout out

    i would definately start getting your stuff in - some schools especially washU starts looking at your file as things come in i think. though they may not be able to offer you an interview until all things are complete, they are very communicative and prompt etc... about getting back to you. most schools (excpet maybe the UC's) won't trash your app, at the worst they will hold it until things are complete, otherwise they might start reviewing it. so i say go for it - same logic as getting in your seconadries before amcas is verified. goodluck, hope to see you at interviews.



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    Jan 28, 2002
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      well dont go crazy.
      dont forget you are surrounded by neurotic SDNers!!:D
      I submitted by AMCAS on the first of august. roughly a month later everything was processed.
      so hang tight for a while.
      do all the essays you need (with the caveat that you'll have a couple more to do for the MD/PhDs - which maybe you cant find from searching this site)
      but the more organized schools start getting back to pretty [email protected] quick.
      on top of that I think MD/PhD admissions/interview decisions tend to be a little bit more deliberative than MD admissions: they'll bring you in for an interview regardless of how late it is in the season if they still think you are competitive.
      last year I submitted my secondaries for MD/PhD programs damn close to the deadlines (Nov/Dec)
      I still got a couple interviews. :)
      but maybe that is why I didnt get in :oops:
      :eek: :( but I'm hear again - only twice as smart! :laugh:
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