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Nov 5, 2008
Hey guys, thanks for looking at this and possibly helping.

I work for a non-profit community outreach center and we teach a monthly oral health class. I am wanting access to the ADA 2009 Survey of Dental Fees PDF. I spoke to several people from the ADA about my situation, they transferred me around, and the last person just said to ask an ADA member dentist to download it for me.

To teach preventable vs restorative costs, I'd like a credible source of the costs of different procedures, and was wondering if any ADA members would be willing to download it for me.

2009 Survey of Dental Fees PDF

I assume this would be the best resource available. Every other site that reported such a list seemed heavily sponsored and biased.
Thanks for your help guys!
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Mar 31, 2012
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The 2011 survey of dental fees recently posted:, and I was wondering if a dentist or someone with access to the survey could send it to me? It's free for members of the ADA to download.

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