help....big problem!( rcsi/local)

Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by Irina Ishak, Sep 18, 2001.

  1. Irina Ishak

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    Sep 14, 2001
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    help...i got a big decision to make here...
    i'm a malaysian 1st year medic student in a local university ( UNIMAS )for about 3 months already...

    well my big problem is i've got another offer from RCSI ( a 5 year course) that will be commencing this october...i went to UNIMAS first due to my unknown status of scholarship application to RCSI

    i did apply for a federal goverment scholarship for both and it turns out that they are probably giving it for local University only....and they only provide loan to RCSI...i got 2 offers of scholarship for local Uni and a loan probably to RCSI.

    so what should i do?...the date due is near and still i'm without any decision yet..null
  2. Stephen Ewen

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    Feb 5, 2000
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    In the end, what will be the real practical difference as far as your abilities and practicing options between the two schools?

    It seems to me that the path to the right decision is to weigh this up against having to pay for your medical school (with interest), or having it paid for you by your government.
  3. leorl

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    What stephen said. RCSI Is a wonderful school, and Dublin is a wonderful city. You will definitely get a first-class education at RCSI and it's a very respected school. There are a good number of malaysians and asians there.

    However, you do have to weigh some personal factors in. RCSI is very expensive. Is it worth getting loans for, to be far away from your home country, your family and friends? If the quality of education you're getting from your school now, is quite good and sufficient, there might not be a point in transferring to RCSI. Not only will you have tuition fees there, but expensive living costs, travel costs, and other daily,laundry, books, fun, etc. Dublin is not a cheap city.

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