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Jun 30, 2013
    Hi All, I am blessed with options, but I got accepted into 4 DO schools this year, and I'm struggling to decide between them. I did pros/cons lists, but honestly all of the programs seem to have solid curriculums. I'm more worried because I didn't get the opportunity to get a "vibe" from them because of coronavirus, so I wasn't allowed to interview on campus and get a feel for facilities or community. I love having access to heavily forested nature trails and such for mental breaks, and I'm wondering if I'm putting too much emphasis on that, since likely won't have much time to get out and do anything. Any advice from current students or other students who have interviewed at these schools and help provide some distinguishing factors? I'm also older and single, so while I don't mind rural, the thought of being in such a small town that there's no one else my age to meet is a bit worrying. Again, may be too busy for that...

    PNWU-COM: never lived in the PNW, but I realize this is minimum of 1.5 hours from actual mountain forests, but it's got decent options for a sense of culture within the community -- coffee shops and wineries and breweries and crossfit gyms....things to allow for accessible mental breaks from school. Facilities seemed new from the website, and I like that they have great weather all year long. But also very remote, not easy to get to airports and my family lives far away, so visiting them on breaks would require more logistical effort. Higher tech, lower tuition, and the current students just seem so conversational and laid back but really witty and intelligent and helpful -- not competitive. Worry: They said I have to complete 8 credits of chemistry before matriculation, otherwise I'd be deferred. I think I can finish Org Chem I by 1 June, but doing Org Chem II and a Gen Chem Lab (1 credit) all online while also moving across the country seems pretty stressful prior to matriculation 10 August. Would have been nice to have a couple of brain-rest weeks (I've been a full-time student in master's programs the past 2 years).

    KCOM: drove through the town but didn't visit any facilities. Closer to my aging parents, but it's flat and isolating from what I could tell. But has onsite gym and the best customer service from admissions that I experienced from any school during interview process. It's more expensive, and the tech seems less seamless (plus you have to buy your own iPad instead of it being included in tuition like at PNWU). Facilities seemed older, but couldn't see for myself. Seemed like there wasn't much to access in the small town as far as coffee shops or eateries, and it's a much further drive to inspiring natural settings. BUT, it's very well established and you have almost complete autonomy in your 3/4 year rotation site selection, which could allow me to live in all other parts of the country if desired. Current students seem very competent and helpful, but more serious somehow. Very intelligent and nice, just didn't seem as laid back as at PNWU if that makes sense? Also: KCOM waived my requirement for Org Chem II and told me that just finishing Org Chem I would suffice based on my whole person application (nontraditional, military career, masters in complementary and alternative medicine from Georgetown), which is a huge weight off and would allow me to relax a bit of the summer before starting.

    LMU-DCOM: Close to Cumberland Gap, just gorgeous views even from inside of newer facilities. Remote, but seems to have some good options in Harrogate and not too far from Asheville or Knoxville. Currently under heightened monitoring for accreditation, but seem to have a solid program other than that. Need to finish 4 additional chem credits prior to matriculation first week of August...can be organic or inorganic, they don't care. Everything else seemed great and seems like current students really feel a sense of family there.

    RVUCOM-SU: love that it's all brand new and not far from Zion, but desert seems pretty isolating and barren. RVUCOM has solid reputation as well, so I know the branch will share that curriculum and is focused on the most advanced technologies and has a cut suit. Also has community in Ivins/St George with several options for cultural/social access (restaurants, symphony, crossfit gym...etc.)...just people I could interact with occasionally outside of school, but there's no green or trees in sight from what I can tell (that could make my soul sad).

    Anyway, I know so much of it comes down to gut feel, and I don't feel like I had a full opportunity to get that due to travel/visitation restrictions during corona-chaos. Any constructive input, suggestions, or shared experiences would be much appreciated!!!
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      Thanks for the feedback! Do you have a personal experience with LMU?
      LMU: granted continuing Accreditation with Heightened Monitoring. “Accreditation with Heightened Monitoring: This indicates that fewer than three standards are non-compliant and ongoing monitoring will occur via progress reporting. For schools with this status, accreditation will be granted for four years.”

      This is the only COM that has this level of accreditation status right now.



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      Oct 3, 2019
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        I did get to visit PNWU before the virus shut everything down and I can tell you it is a really beautiful campus. Everything is very new a nice and their anatomy lab is on the second floor with lots of light and windows, very different from your typical dungeon anatomy lab. There is also a bunch of dedicated study space on campus which I liked There is a lot of beautiful nature around, lots of rivers in Yakima, and with a little driving beautiful forests and mountains. The terrace heights neighborhood (where the school is located) also seems to be a very nice part of Yakima. Sorry you didn’t get to visit the campus! Hope this helps in your decision making.
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