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Help evaluate career oppty


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Mar 15, 2004
    Hello Military Doctors. Thank you for what you do. I'm a civilian in St. Louis, MO considering taking a job for Military Medical News. Its a thin, monthly newspaper that is reportedly sent out to all US Military Medical facilities. My responsibility would be to sell the publication's classified advertising space to private group practices and hospitals courting military physicians, nurses and techs when they're ready to leave the military. Before I invest the next couple of years of my life in this capacity I wanted to get it straight from the horses mouth if you all have ever heard of Military Medical News? Do you read it? Do you, or would you use it to explore new positions when leaving the military? How do you typically find positions when leaving the military? What information about opportunities are most important to you? What decision criteria do you use to decide what opportunities to accept? What other positions, if any, i.e. nurses, techs, read and use it to search opportunities? I know it's a lot of questions - but its a big decision for me. Any insight you could share would be helpful. Thank you - and thank you for what you do for all of us.
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