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Help for My Conundrum: Hopkins vs. Emory vs. U of Arizona


New Member
10+ Year Member
Apr 14, 2008
  1. Pre-Medical
I need advice for my decision. I was accepted into these programs and deferred for the past year due to a family emergency. I have been taking online courses from Hopkins in the meantime…I could continue with their distance program, but I really want to study locally and get the most out of my MPH. My interests have changed greatly over the past year—I initially applied to Health Policy and Management Programs, which I was accepted into at both Emory and Arizona (Hopkins was general.) I now, after working more in the field over the past year, am very interested in global health. I wish now I could have applied to different MPH schools and programs, but I am just trying to go with what I have. So, people with MPH smarts out there--- PLEASE HELP!

Here are my thoughts regarding my options:

-While Hopkins is #1, it is 30,000 more expensive per year than Arizona. I am inclined then to choose Arizona where I have had good feedback from people there, but I don’t want to limit my future or sell myself sort. I have enjoy the classes I have taken thus far from Hopkins but I am concerned about the cost and the long distance move (I live out West.) I have read with other posts that the ‘brand name value’ of the school will matter when I am looking for a job. Is this true? Is it worth the extra cost to be able to work on global health? Does anyone know if Arizona’s program will be sufficient?

-Emory in comparison to Arizona, which are both HPM programs, is a half year longer and has more classes that are not in line with my interests, such as economics and finance. I am trying to see if I could move to the Global Health program or if I could format my own MPH. How would those two compare if I would have this choice? Is it worth it to go to Emory in this situation?

I appreciate any advice! I am clueless in how to decide



New Member
10+ Year Member
Mar 2, 2008
  1. Medical Student
I'm going to U of Arizona this fall and will be meeting with them this Thursday. It is a tough choice between spending $30,000+ a year for your education and only $6000/year as a resident. Plus, as someone who has moved from the East to the West, if you are panning to move a household it will be very expensive (summer is the peak time). If you decide to move east, you should probably sell most of your belongings and go. You can ship some items to yourself. Using a moving company will run from $4,000-$8,000 for the move.

I believe that Arizona is a more flexible school than Emory. They will let you change concentrations if you let them know during the first semester. The international concentration is under the Family and Child Health Department.

My perspective is a little different since I will be coming in as a Physician. For me, the job situation is not as critical. I am staying in Arizona and looking to start my own business/practice. I'm going their because I have a strong interest in wellness and alternative medicine.

I can ask them about job opportunities while I'm there.

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