Hi folks!! I'm new at this form.I have just completed my B.D.S from India and I'm doing my internship.when will be the best time for me to apply for NBDE? Can you also tell me about some website where I can get the other info I'm likely to need........


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Hi Noorainmoulvi,
First of all welcome to this forum.
You have come to the right place for all ur queries...you can find all the info you may need if you read the sticky: links of interest

if there are any other doubts that you may have you can search through the threads.
For dental decks you can check the sales forum or order from the their site itself at

For national boards...the CBT based


for the paper based exam


and yes the earlier you are done with the boards the better are your chances for applying to schools early. Most schools start accepting applications by June every year....an early application counts! :thumbup:
and if there is something you need to know..SDN's there!
All the best with everything.... :luck: