HELP! Is Kaplan BS too easy compared to the real MCAT BS?

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    I have done a lot of kaplan BS tests and I have scored 11-13s on all of them. However on AAMC BS I only score 9-11. Is kaplan BS more similar to the real thing or is AAMC in terms of topics covered on the actual MCAT? I know everyone says AAMC is more similar to the actual MCAT, but some of the older AAMCs BS sections cover material that was never emphasized in my prep books In kaplan I have seen more genetics topics, more evolutionary things (things that my intro bio class in college covered A LOT), but in the AAMC exams I have seen very little genetics and evolutionary topics... Which one is a better indicator of test day? I tend to miss a lot less questions in Kaplan BS than I do in AAMC BS. Half the time AAMC pulls things that I have never seen.......

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