Help, Low MCAT Score, what are my chances?

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Jun 25, 2010
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Posted in the general forum, reposting here

Here are my Stats:
MCAT score 9/08 - 8VR 7PS 7BS O
Took it again 4/09 - 9VR 7PS 10BS Q
studied my butt off and hoped for a better score (over 30) and took it again 5/2010 - 8VR 8PS 9BS L
I was really bummed by my most recent score. My scores dropped for both VR and BS, and writing score was just ridiculous (how did I go from a Q to a L?).
I was originally counting on my May score to improve so I can apply this term.
cGPA: 3.0 at UC Berkeley
Freshmen cGPA: 3.4
Sophmore cGPA: 2.5 (death in family)
Junior cGPA: 2.9
Senior cGPA: 3.7

ER Volunteer 300+hrs, 50 of which as a trainer
Shadowing Surgeons: 50 hrs
Worked at an Ophthalmology Clinic for 2+ years during Undergrad
Full time Research 20 months by Aug. 2011

I am applying as economically disadvantaged. I had to support myself through college by working half time (all through the 3 and 1/2 yrs) while being a full time student. I graduated a semester early from Berkeley with a BA and Biology.

What are my chances if I were to apply this term?

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Sep 4, 2006
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Please don't post duplicate threads. The moderators frown on that.

With MCAT scores of 22, 26, 25, it might be time to assume that you've hit your score ceiling. While applicants witht the letter two scors have been known to get acceptances to less-selective state schools, those applicants generally have high GPAs and superb ECs.

There are some DO med schools that will consider GPAs as low as 2.5, but again, the applicant would need to compensate with a high MCAT score.

With an MCAT score of 30+, you might have qualified for acceptance to a Special Masters Program that would override your low GPA. I don't see that happening for you. I think your best bet would be to apply to DO schools after retaking some of your worst classes to invoke the AACOMAS (DO med school application service) grade forgiveness that only counts the most recent class when calculating the application GPA. This could rapidly raise your GPA, as you had a limited number of low grades.

Average stats last year for entering DO students were 3.48 cGPA, 3.35 science GPA, and 26.09 MCAT score.

Here is a link to the on-line DO MSAR with requirements for all the schools: