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May 31, 2002
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Hey guys,
we're supposed to write a maximum of 25 lines per essay response. one of mine is longer, but all of it is still appearing on the print preview option. what should i do?


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May 5, 2002
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i think you can just get your answers in...
i was really concerned with it.. so i wrote it in word... so that it was 25 lines, and then when i cut and paste it into the online box it went over 25. So then i edited it there down to 25. And then in print preview, it changed again.. and then when you actually print it out , it goes down to 19 lines. So i went by that final printed out version and used that as my max.

When i called in to loyola to ask about that, the lady said.. just answer the question completely, and seemed to imply not to worry about the lines so much.

i think loyola's the type of school that wouldn't be so concerned with space restraints... i think they want to know more of what your answer is rather than how concise it is?

so personally, i think 25 lines only pertains to the printed out version, and i don't think they really care that much.
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