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Musty Goose

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Oct 9, 2012
On the road
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  1. Medical Student
So I know this may seem inconsequential but I just want to make the best of my summer in preparing an app for residency, especially as step becomes P/F for my class. I am pretty set in Ophtho so I want to get as much research under my belt as possible. Also I want to start developing relationships with mentors that can write strong LORs and are well known in their field. I have two possible summer opportunities.

The first summer program is at the NIH at the National Eye Institute, with the internship being 100% virtual. Has anyone has done a virtual internship before? The researchers seem to be productive but I'm primarily worried I won't be able to connect with my PI and therefore be unable to ask for a LOR later. However I do like that I will be able to conduct research remotely and potentially throughout the school year.

The second research opportunity is at a top 5 school but it is an unrelated field that I might be able to spin towards Ophtho. It is in person and may be able to network with other faculty but not sure how beneficial this may be as a rising M2? For those that applied to competitive fields this year, how was research in a different field seen by PDs? What program do you think I should take?
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