May 24, 2012
I just completed my sophomore year of my Biology BS.
Current GPA 2.92
General Chem I&II B and B-
Organic Chem I&II B and B-
General Biology B
Molecular Cell Biology I&II C+/C+

Still have Physics I&II and Anatomy to take..followed by MCATS

Be completely honest, what should I do? Abandon all hope or fight through it
I'm lost and confused without direction right now, could use some good advice. Plus if med school doesn't work out, what am I supposed to do with a Biology BS -_-
May 23, 2012
King's Landing
dont give up hope.

KILL the rest of your classes get all A's if possible all the way through senior year

TAKE a gap year to raise ur gpa.

then work hard for the mcat obviously and keep up with extracurriculars.

This should get you DO schools if not MD.

oh and this is what you can do with a Biology B.S.