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Apr 26, 2008
I got my score back today, and I am very grateful.


Yet, my BS section score was a 11 which is below the 10th percentile according to the school selector spreadsheet for a few of my top choices.

I feel the rest of my application is strong. (3.9 sci/cum, ecs, letters, etc.)

Do you think the BS section will be a big red flag? If asked during an interview, do you think not having taken all the prerequisites will help put the interviewers' minds at ease?


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Apr 2, 2007
Yay for June 18th and 37Q's. Did you have the AM or PM test?

In regards to your question: If you get an interview you may certainly address it, but at that point it may be unnecessary. I think if they were going to use it at a major screening tool they would use it before offering an interview.

Also, it's not as bad as you think. The median MCAT BS for the top schools is 13. Sure half of the student population received 13 or higher scores, but the other half did not. Your GPA is high enough to put you above the median at even the best schools.


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Mar 24, 2009
Hey, great MCAT score. Congrats.

Well some of those accepted are in the 1-9th percentile, but those in that category probably have some significant modifying factor to their application. Personally, being cheap, I wouldn't apply to those schools and I'd save my efforts where I had a good chance. But if money is no object, go ahead and complete the Secondary, ideally mentioning somewhere in an essay (if provided and appropriate) about not completing the Biology rerequisites before taking the MCAT. This will work only if the rest of the application is so intriguing they don't want to pass you up.

Naijaba is right that if the school is using strict cut offs, you won't get an interview.

Your MDAPPS profile needs some work, BTW.