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help me!

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by rachelmd06, Oct 20, 1999.

  1. rachelmd06

    rachelmd06 New Member

    Oct 19, 1999
    Morton, IL U.S.A.
    Hi everyone. I am taking organic chemistry right now, and I am not doing so well. I am a bio-premed major, so this is a very important class for me, and I have to do well. I am getting a 76 in the class right now, being midterms and all. I would just like some advice on what helped any of you out there. I dont' know why it is so difficult for me. I did great in all of my other chem (inorganic) classes. I do not want this to ruin my gpa. I want to go to med school so bad, and I know how important of a class this one is. If anyone could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much! Also, for all of you out there waiting for your August mcat scores back, best of luck!!! I am sure you did great!
    Thank you ~ rachel
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  3. Pebbles

    Pebbles Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Aug 31, 1999
    How do you study? What is the average of the class? Will there be a curve? I understand your frustration because I am studying like crazy this semester with my classes. The main thing about organic is repetition. Constantly, review the structures. One thing to remember is that a C or a B minus will not kill your chances of getting into med school. Don't stress yourself out (easier said than done). Is it possible to get into a study group? Take a deep breath, because you will get through this. Talk to your instructor. Memorize, memorize.....memeorize the structures. Hang in there [​IMG]
  4. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Sep 30, 1999
    Iowa City, IA U.S.A.
    I agree with Pebbles. Memorize, memorize, memorize. On thing that seems to help me is a dry erase board. I write the stucture over and over again until I have it down. It saves paper plus after you draw the structure it erases away and you can go at it again. Hang in there, I am sure you will do fine. [​IMG]!

    Go Hawkeyes
  5. rachelmd06

    rachelmd06 New Member

    Oct 19, 1999
    Morton, IL U.S.A.
    Pebbles and Hawkeye-
    Thank you both for your replies! I am going to try those things. I will let you know if things start getting better. Pebbles-to answer your questions. The average of the class is at a 75, I think. No, my prof doesn't grade on a curve, yet anyways. I talked to him about that once, and he said he does do something at the end of the semester, based on the entire classroom's grades. Well, I am going to keep hangin' in there. Thank you both for your encouragement and help. Best of luck in your classes also!!
  6. Paul's Boutique

    Paul's Boutique B====D 10+ Year Member

    Jul 18, 1999
    Pomona CA
    Please don't worry about a C or B in any chem class. I was a chem major and I caught a couple C's in Orgo---didn't stop me from getting into med school.

    Enjoy yourself while your're in school. Sure, you're going to study hard and do your best----don't beat yourself. It'll all work out!

    (You know what: I found that learning to understand the material worked better for me than memorization. Maybe that's why I didn't do as well! [​IMG] )
  7. Marlena

    Marlena New Member

    Oct 21, 1999
    At my school we had written tests so we had to recall all the formulas and structures. What really helped me was notecards. I rarely use note cards but making note cards of structures given in class as well as the homework and then mix them all up before you do them. If you practice the problems in order than you will get use to doing one particular problem and will know what to expect. Mixing the notecards forces you to jump from one type of problem to another so that you instantly know what to do.
    Hope it works.
  8. cjosie

    cjosie New Member

    Oct 22, 1999
    Alexandria VA USA
    Memorizing is for the SHORT-TERM..
    You will be using your chem, anatomy, physics, biology, patient relations, etc.
    for the life of your career.. Why waste
    effort on memorizing ? LEARN the subject matter... take the time to devise methods
    of Understanding the data.. You future will
    depend on how well your instant recall and
    ability to function 100 %. Why not do you
    and your future a favor and not take the
    short cut.. be prepared totally.
    Best of Luck
  9. Ponyboy

    Ponyboy Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jan 27, 1999
    Can you tell me exactly where and when you will be using chem and physics in med school and practice? I'd be really interested in knowing when I can start using my old orgo and p-chem books.
  10. Hey Rachel...
    Keep in mind that depending on the med school, O-chem might play a big role in the decision. I made signs of structures and taped them up all over my apartment, that way I HAD to look at them all the time. Add that to studying, you should know it well. It really depends on the professor you have now. Do they lean more towards conceptual questions, or is it more, "Draw the stucture of 3,4 penta di-ol"? If it's more conceptual, then you'll have to study like crazy to UNDERSTAND the material. Otherwise, just memorize whatever is in the chapters that you are being tested on and that should help your grade. Hope this helps a little...

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