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Mar 4, 2019
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I just received my January MCAT score of a 511. I have a low GPA and am ORM, so I really need a 99th percentile score (520+). I used the AAMC official prep, the Kaplan books, and a bit of the UWorld question banks. I am planning to retake the test in the next few months (I want to apply to schools in this coming cycle in May 2021). So what tips/advice does anyone who retook for a higher score have for me? I am planning to reset the exams, go through content, and actually do more UWorld this time. Other suggestions? Anything would be greatly appreciated as I'm pretty upset about this score.


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Apr 25, 2019
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Once you feel good about content review, do as much practice as you can. Every time you do practice, go over your questions and write down what you were weak on. Then spend a day or two reviewing the content again. Over time, you'll fill in your knowledge gaps and slowly improve. Make sure you're doing CARS every day as well.

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