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help please! =(


New Member
Jul 26, 2009
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hi! Im a newbie here. I feel so down when im dumped by PLM-CM. Im in their waiting list but unfortunately i didn’t make it on their master list for this school year- im denied, i got a low NMAT grade which is 40 [why? I don’t have concrete pre-med training (I took a social science course in University of the Philippines Manila for my bachelor degree and got 1.80 GWA) I even enrolled at University of the East for a year to get some supplemental subjects which has a total of 25 units (Physics, Comparative Anatomy and Phylogeny, Inorganic Chem, Organic Chem and Genetics). PLM-CM was the only medical school I tried. Because of that, I have to wait for another year and inquire to other medschool. Please help! I need a med school (having a good quality education) who can consider my credentials =(
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