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Help to better my chances (thx)

Discussion in 'Nontraditional Students' started by DOPharmMD, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. DOPharmMD

    DOPharmMD Aspiring PharmD
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    Nov 6, 2006
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    Your reply to lainey234 was really helpful to me. I'm considering pharmacy (with residency in hope of counseling or doing patient rounds at hospital), DO and MD medical schools. I withdrew from ochem last semester and hope to at least get a C this time around. If I don't I'll take it again in the summer with a better professor and am sure I can get A or B (it'll be my only class for summer A). How badly would this look on my app. when I apply to medical schools?

    <P>How would you view this as an interviewer? My gpa is around 3.2; however, I still have physics 2 and ochem 2 to take in which I can get grades of A or B. I took gen physics and had a C; to prove I can do physics, I'm currently taking Physics for scientist and engineers (Calc based) and am set to get a grade of A! Is this good enough for admin? Personal situations force me to take all my courses thus far at a community college (quite challenging as far as science is concerned)... Can this work against me? Now during undergrad, can good grades offset the 4 Cs and the couple withdrawal I've had so far (or just the prereqs count)? Also, I've volunteered at a local hospital, have some awards like phi theta kappa, tutored mathematics at a local school, no research experience thus far. While I have no research experience, I have done tons of reading on scientific issues and generally have a good understanding of how some diseases evolve. Are those good enough? I have about 81 credits so far.
    How can I calculate thus far my gpa through amcas? Although it can be premature, but do I even have a shot right now at medical schools. I know I may have a shot at DO and I have a unique and really interesting personal statement.

    <p> Thank you very much for the input as I'm trying to decide if I should just apply to pharmacy school outright (with interest in clinical pharmacy). Also, I really enjoy your blog; you are smart and dedicated indeed.
  2. njbmd

    njbmd Guest
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    May 30, 2001
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    Attending Physician
    Reasons to re-take courses: You really feel that you need the knowledge and you are totally sure that you can get a grade of B+ or better. If you are not sure of the above or do not NEED the above, don't retake but leave the grade as is.

    The rest of the coursework that you need should be no grade less than B+ and as many As as possible. Your undergraduate GPA will rise (not above 3.6 but you will see a solid upward trend).

    If you have withdrawals, they are not a problem as long as you don't have a pattern of Ws. For example, if you started Organic Chemistry then withdrew, restarted Organic Chemistry but withdrew. Took Organic Chemistry and got a C. Withdrawing from a class because something (personal or family illness, financial catastrophe) interfered with your ability to devote your attention to your studies, is wise.

    I would strongly caution you to decrease your course workload so that you can devote the maximum amount of time to these courses. You NEED to have good grades so don't overextend yourself. If it takes a year longer for you to graduate but you have a high GPA, then that year was worth it. Right now, you need the highest numbers that you can get.

    If you go to the AMCAS site, you can download their "instructions for 2008 AMCAS book and make your own calculations. Good luck.
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