HELP!!! UMD, Loma Linda, UMDNJ ($5000 scholarship), or UPenn

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pastor's wife

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Dec 3, 2005
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Where should i go?
I might want to specialize, but i am financially burdened!

UMDNJ brags about their clinical experiences. Is it that good or are they trying to make up for something?
People tell me that I should go to Upenn, but they seem to rely too much on the fact that they are an ivy league school.
and there is Loma Linda. is it any good?

Help :( so lost!


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Aug 8, 2005
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Loma Linda is a religious dental school, one of the requirements is religion courses tht you must attend for pass/fail. But looking at your name that might be a positive aspect of the school. The location of Loma Linda is not that great. San Bernardino is far from the California beaches, it's hot there, and pretty boring.

As far as the scholarships, 5K is going to me a very small % of your total loans after 4 years of dental school that you should focus on the school that fits you better. If dental students that finish USC or NYU can repay their students loans (about 300K) you should be ok.

Look at the students, school location, professors, your overall impression of the school during your interview, find out how many students specialize after graduation (and which specialties), also find out how the students did on their Boards.

In the end, whether you graduate from UMD or UPenn, you will be a dentist.