Help!Urgent! Need to know Procedure to get Medical certificate from rguhs!

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Aug 23, 2014
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Hey everyone,

I finished my MBBS degree from Kolar (SDUMC) in 2011, I transferred back to the states for my internship (im a US citizen). After 3 years MCI FINALLY gave me NOC for my transfer. Rguhs wouldn't give me my degree without that NOC.

Now I need to go apply for my MBBS degree from Rajiv Gandhi University (rguhs) - Bangalore. My dad is currently visiting India for less than 2 weeks and will be going to the university.

Could somebody please tell me what papers I need to give the university to get my degree and how long it would take? Do I need to be there in India or can he do it without me?

Thank you so much!
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