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Feb 9, 2005
Hi, im trying to find more information on stats and interviews and acceptance stuff with the university of missouri-columbia.... i did a bunch of searches on here and couldnt find much.

my stats:

missouri resident all my life. graduated from u of missouri - rolla with electrical engineering

mcat - 11b 11p 10v
ugrad 3.17
ugrad bcmp 3.26
3.68 post bacc gpa
3.30 TOTAL gpa
3.45 TOTAL bcmp gpa

i wont be able to apply until next year because of some other obligations, so i thought i could improve my app with some more shadowing/classes/mcat retake, and i will be about 27 when i start.

i read something real brief about missouri residents get an automatic interview maybe?? is that for real?? how hard is it for a missouri resident to get accepted??

any ideas??? help is very appreciated - THANKS!!


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Oct 19, 2003
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Hi there, MU-Hopeful! Check out this thread for some recent info:

If you have not already, you can find some good info on the MU med school website: I think it states that all Missouri residents meeting minimum requirements receive a secondary and that approximately 50% of those residents returning a secondary are interviewed.

Good luck to you! :luck: