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MD Help with school list (3.70 cGPA/518 MCAT/business background)


New Member
May 23, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi all,

Would really appreciate some insight into my schools list as I have a nontraditional background so it's hard to get a gauge of where I stand.

cGPA: 3.70 / sGPA: 3.53 (both upward trends, I did withdraw from organic chem and take the class at a later date)
MCAT: 518

Major(s): Biology, economics

Undergraduate institution: private T-25, graduated 2019

Residence: California

Ethnicity + gender: Asian female

Shadowing: Neurology, emergency medicine, neonatology (80 hours - cut short due to COVID)

Research: economics research on US & Middle East trade (1 year, 77 hours - this is the part of my application that I'm most worried about because each week I spent several hours compiling the data from various sources and analyzed it all at the end, but the nature of the project is light on hours)

Clinical volunteering: restocking patient rooms in a hospital (110 hours - cut short due to COVID)

Non-clinical volunteering: pro bono consulting for nonprofits (500 hours)

Teaching: taught third graders about human behavior and health (1 hr/week = 12 hours)

Paid non-clinical employment:
- Full-time job on the corporate side of online retail (1600 hours and counting)
- Nonprofit internship (110 hours)

- VP of pro bono nonprofit consulting organization mentioned above (430 hours)
- Production company internship (150 hours)
- Lacrosse (started on the most competitive team when I studied abroad in England for a semester - spring season was short so 18 hours)
- College of Letters & Arts ambassador (90 hours)
- Student podcast co-host (50 hours)
- Polymathic society member (essentially inducted into a society that's built on interdisciplinary collaboration - 40 hours)
- Board member of dining dollars donations organization (14 hours)

- 4-year, full-tuition scholarship to undergrad institution
- full living expenses scholarship for studying abroad

I was also supposed to start scribing in March but the start date was moved to July due to COVID, I didn't mention it in the primary app but planning on discussing in COVID question on secondaries.

School list (29 here, aiming for 30 but can go up to 35, put a * next to schools that I think are reaches):
Cal Northstate
East Virginia
George Washington
Penn State
St. Louis
Thomas Jefferson
U of Colorado
U of Miami
U of Michigan*
U of Vermont
UC Davis
UC Irvine*
Wake Forest

Schools I'm considering adding if my app isn't that competitive:
Indiana University (lived in Indiana for a few years, fwiw)
Rosalind Franklin
Wayne State
Western Michigan

Super appreciate the help :)
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