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Sep 22, 2016
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Hello, I’m looking for some input on my school list!

MCAT: 513
GPA: 3.79 (3.84 s)
>4000 hrs clin employment
>4000 hrs non clin employment
>500 hrs research (no pub)
>500 hr clin volunteering
>100 hr non clin volunteering
>300 hr shadowing

Extracurricular: undergrad archery team, chem tutor, student government rep

NC Resident, ORM, reapplicant:

1. Brody ECU
2. UNC chapel hill
3. Duke
4. Wake Forest
5. Albany
6. Vermont Larner
7. Tufts
8. Geisinger
9. Eastern virginia
10. West Virginia
11. Meharry
12. University of Washington
13. Quinnipiac
14. New York medical college
15. Penn state
16. Hackensack
17. Sidney Kimmel
18. Nova
19. Oakland Beaumont
20. St. Louis
21. Virginia tech carillon

DO Schools:
1. Campbell
2. Edward via Virginia
3. Edward via Carolinas

How does my list look? Are there too many reach schools?

Thank you so much!
Sep 15, 2012
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  1. Attending Physician
Remove U Washington since they accept less than 1% of applicants who are not from states in the Northwest. Remove Meharry unless you are African American or have much service to that community. You could add any of these schools:
Medical College Wisconsin
Western Michigan
Wayne State
George Washington
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