Help with Schools list, URM CA resident


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Dec 30, 2017
Hey everyone, I need help with both MD and DO school lists.
Stats: 3.69 cgpa, 3.45 sgpa, URM, CA resident, went to CSUF.
Graduated May 2019.
MCAT: scheduled for July 18 but scoring 503-510 range.


1)Research for two years 300 hours with two poster presentations, no publications
2)ER volunteer: 200 hrs
3)Family Medicine + Internal Medicine + ER Shadowing: 106 hours total
4)Medical Volunteer: 600 hrs
5) Free clinic volunteer: now I've 50 hrs cuz of COVID but I'm planning to continue throughout year.
6)Non-clinical camp counselor for one summer: 144 hrs
7)Mentor/Tutor at my college: 340 hrs
8) Pariticipated in one program who takes student from underserved community for a year: 36 hrs (This is the total hrs from their schedules of workshop, presentation).
Any inputs will be appreciated.
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