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HELP with VR


Full Member
Mar 21, 2012
  1. Pre-Medical
    I have been doing well on the science sections but VR has been a complete struggle for me. I really do think I need to start dedicating most of my time to it.
    However, I don't know what to do do work in VR for more than an hour per day? Should I just keep doing passages for a couple of hours and then review it? Is it helpful?
    I've been doing a couple passages per day but it doesn't seem like it is enough - at least I cannot see an improvement reflected on my score.
    Ps I've been using EK strategy. I know strategy is a pretty personal thing but I am lost on how to go about this.
    ANY suggestion or advice would be HIGHLY appreciated.
    Thank you!


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    7+ Year Member
    Jul 23, 2011
    1. Medical Student
      Hi, I hope your test date is at least 2 months away.
      English is not my frist language and I managed to get a 10 on my test (Aug 2011) by doing the following:
      1) Exam Cracker 101 passages. I believed these provides the most similar type of questions seen in the mcat out side of the official practice test. I felt that the passages are much harder to understand but this works to your advantage as you will be able to read better. Try not to do them all at once, I think this is they key to practice on your VR, I felt that I will "burn out" by doing 2 practice test at once. Always practice your VR when your brains is at its best. (in the morning, before working on your other sections)
      2) Timing is extremely important. You must beable to read fast, and get the main point of each paragraph of the passage and move on. just like the EK stragetry (which i also use) reading and understanding the questions is usually more importnat. So if you get stuck in a passage at a certain point, skip through it. You must get to the questions! The passages on VR on my MCAT was much much longer than the one on practice test, more similar to EK101 passages, so I think reading quickly must be your priority here, skipping passage/running out of time will ruin your test.
      3) The AAMC tests, I would do all of these VR test twice. first time when I take the whole test. I took one test every other days. So by the time I am done with all the test, I went back the VR sections of the first test that I did, and because I couldnt remember all the answers, (Since i did this section 10 days ago) it felt like I was practicing on a new VR test.

      Medical Muse

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      Apr 5, 2012
      1. Attending Physician
        When you read a passage, you should really only read for the main idea. Use the main idea to answer every question except specific details. When you get a detail question, go back to the passage and find the answer.

        Try different techniques. Some people like to look to the questions first, others like skimming, looking at the questions, and then reading. Personally, I used three different techniques on my MCAT, which varied based on the type of passage and the complexity.

        Practice the above. When it comes down to it, Verbal is an open-book test. Once you get comfortable with it, the stress goes away.


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        10+ Year Member
        Mar 14, 2010
        1. Resident [Any Field]
          My test is in about a week and I'm right there with you. My verbal scores fluxuate so much and I have no idea what's going on in the majority of them. I literally go into Verbal, feel like I get a 7, and either do, or get a 9, sometimes rarely a 10. And I'm not ESL, I'm raised here. ****.
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