Okay please help with this one, I am seriously stuck on this and have been for weeks.

This is for Keck's question:

Briefly describe any unique qualities and abilities you possess that will contribute to the :
a. educational environment

I am stuck on this first part, what kind of stuff can you put into for "educational environment." I am completely clueless as to what kind of stuff to put under here. Any help or hypothetical examples, etc. will help.



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Nov 12, 2001
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Think about it like this..........

What do you have (personal skills, etc) that you can contribute to the educational environment at Keck?

For example, you might be a person is a good "team player" who cooperates with his/her classmates. So you could contribute this to the environment there.
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Jul 27, 2001
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Are you able to tolerate other people, even for brief periods of time? Can you communicate, at least with brief responses? Can you listen to other people? Are you able to share well? Think about what sort of characteristics would make a good 1st grader.


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Aug 8, 2002
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Do you run with scissors?

Seriously, are you a good organizer? Do you like to lead study groups? Do you tutor? Do you like to contribute to group work? Or, maybe you don't like any of that and you just like to work alone, so.....lets frame that in a positive way.
Hmmmm....do you set an example by working quietly and diligently, not distracting your fellow students?
Or are you the class clown, adding levity to an otherwise intolerable lecture?
Are you able to hold your farts until you leave the classroom? Can you light a blue angel?
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