Helpful Videos for PreDental Students

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May 30, 2011
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Howdy ya'll,

My name is Zack Neitzey DMD. Personally I prefer to receive advice from people who are in the process of accomplishing and/or have already accomplished the goals I'm after, so here's some of my CV. I am currently an orthodontic resident at Tufts. I practiced general dentistry in NC for 3 years and became a partner after 1 year. I was on the admissions committee at Tufts for 3 years as a student member. My full CV is linked below:


I'm very happy with my dental career thus far, but I wouldn't have made it without help from many wonderful friends and mentors. I don't have any good way to payback my mentors for all their help so I figured the best thing I can do is pay-it-forward.

I made some YouTube videos reviewing my opinion on "Why Would You Want to be a Dentist" and "5 Tips for Your Dental School Interview." I am considering making videos on other topics such as common personal statement mistakes, tips for the dental school application, how to go about undergrad, etc. But before I spend time making them, I would like to know if there's interest. Here are linkes to my current videos:

Why Would You Want to Be a Dentist?

5 Tips for Your Dental School Interview

Let me know what you think and I hope they help!