HERE GOES --- my MCAT Experience, comments, and predictions!! (Form AG @ NYU)

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Jun 22, 2000
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Ok, let me add my two cents. (This may be a bit lenghty so get some coffee).

I took form AG at New York University. VR started off easy, but suddently turned into a b*tch. "Which of the following hypotheses, if true, would least support the author's arguement?" Uh huh, right... The classic time killer. I skipped 1 passage which I swear was written in latin, and eventually guessed all C's and B's at the end when I ran out of time. An english major even said he had some problems. Hard to predict exactly how I did, lots of questions I had to answer based on pure intuition with a low confidence level backing it, so that remains a mystery for the next two months.

PS - Relatively straightforward for the most part. I probably missed a few questions on the refractive index, maybe a little acid/base, and a little doppler here and there. Overall not a giveaway, but no surprises, considering my preparation only lasted 1 week and consisted of the AAMC tests 3,4,5,6 (not whole, I just tackled various randomly selected passages one by one). Don't remember too many specifics, but I finished with time to spare and had time to look through and solve some problems like projectile motion one. I haven't studied physics since taking it freshman and sophmore year, nonetheless I didn't find it overly difficult and many questions could have been answered without looking at the passage.

WS - Ahh, finally time to bust out the pleonastic affectations of my astute acument and exemplified oral vernacular, right? No... The protein bar I ate during the break didn't sit well and I felt the onset of diarhhea so I wasn't too comfortable. I had the progress and social values. What the hell are social values anyway? F*ck the social values. I just made up a few bs examples and used rhetoric to cover up my lack of coherent thought.

BS - Just like the acronym says. A little immunocrap and sheep here and there, but overall relatively straight forward. Quite a bit on protein supplements, muscle contractions, etc which I found interesting because I'm a bodybuilder and nutrition enthusiast so I found that quite comforting. Once again, nearly all of the organic questions could have been answered with a very basic knowledge along with some analytical skills by just looking at the passage carefully enough. Bio was similar in some respect, but once again I don't remember too many specifics. Still felt a little easier than what I'm reading above, details weren't stressed too heavily, and a few passages here could have passed as scientific VR passages but they weren't too complex.

The above are merely my own opinions. Don't feel bad if you disagree with me about the difficulty of any section. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and anything is possible.

I will go off on a limb and predict my scores right now, just to see how my expectations match up. VR, PS, WS, BS - 9, 12, N, 11.

The proctors were terrible with time. They never announced the exact moment that they started their timer and I ended up being off by a good 30 seconds either side. They gave a 5 minute warning and then suddenly said "STOP" meanwhile my watch had a good 30 seconds still clicking and I had a few more things to bubble in. I bubbled it in however really quickly and next time anticipated this crap. The break were cut short, they would call peopel back to their seats after 6 minutes. Very loose on ID's, I felt like at any moment I left the room I could have had another guy vaguely resembling me come in for me (althought the people sitting next to me would notice of course).

Lots of cute girls. One started making small talk with me throughout the exam, probably to help herself relax, and it helped me too actually. Thanks for that (I glanced at your name when you gave me your ticket but I forgot it, sorry. Too stressful a situation. I'm single, call me :) )

They say you only need General Bio, General Chem, and Organic. While it's true that you could find the answer to every MCAT science question in the basic books, how often does a general bio course actually cover the WHOLE book from cover to cover? Never. Advanced courses basically force you to recall the early stuff over and over. To anyone currently preparing for future MCATs, take those advanced courses in physio, micro, biochem, physical chem and genetics they are imperative and can cut lots of time out of the preparation.

Oh, one final thing. To those who took the test at NYU in room 809, I had a digital camera with me and I took pictures and movies during the breaks and aferwards. If it seemed a little intrusive to anyone, I apologize but it was simply my own form of relaxation. I tried to be
concealing about it nonetheless.

I congradulate everyone for finishing, it required a herculean effort. Try not to dissect every little question, its not worth it.

Thanks for reading.

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Aug 10, 2000
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Yup. I had form AM.

Verbal - difficult to gage the main idea / author's opinion on many of the passages. Some of the questions were very difficult as well. There was one passage that was exactly the same as a practice test passage; something about the idealistic yeoman farmer. I couldn't tell if the questions were the same though. I usually score high on verbal but this one didn't feel too good for me.

PS - started out creampuff but then came some tough questions. I was pretty pissed at myself for not knowing a basic mechanics problem involving a plane and dropping off cargo at 500ft. In fact I still don't know how to do that one, even though I was able to crank those out backwards and forwards when I took my physics class. Oh well.

BS - it had many many passages that I was very familiar with: Alzheimers, neuronal generation in the hippocampus (dentate gyrus they mentioned), etc. Overall I found the BS pretty straightforward and dare I say pretty simple, compared to the practice tests I've taken. Ochem was for the most part basic. A few independent questions were difficult for me, but overall I feel confident about it.

Writing section - I planned to take it easy on this section. I hadn't prepared at all for this since a year ago, but it turned out alright. Pretty boring topics but I think I made it out okay. I was hoping to add some funny examples but the dry topics didn't afford me that.

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