Mar 7, 2010
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OK, so finally having a shot at it.
GPA - Science is 3.72 and Cumulative is 3.70.
MCAT - Taking it on June 17 but on practices I've gotten 30-33
Major is Biochemistry, class of 2011 and live in NY

Now for ECs, the big thing I've done is working since my freshman year in SUNY Upstate Med for clinical research in ER setting.
Employment - SUNY Upstate - almost three years, ~10 hrs per week, taking time off for summers and breaks.
Employment - desk clerk at Gouvernuer Hospital in Manhattan for 6 weeks in summer.
Research - in Pathology at NYU for 6 weeks
Research - in Biochemistry for about a year
Habitat for Humanity for a week during spring break in Marianna, Florida. Built a house. :rolleyes:
Worked a couple of other jobs and volunteered a bit for a few organizations (Red cross club, VA med center).
Deans List every semester so far.
As for shadowing, I'll be doing an 8hr stint next month, though for who I have no idea.

Now, I know I don't have a lot of service but a lot of work and research (I think). So what do you guys think? What do I really need to do? More shadowing/volunteer work?

The schools I'm really pulling for are in NY, so what are my chances for NYMC, NYU, Mt. Sinai, Columbia, Einstein, Rochester, Upstate/Downstate? As well as schools in Boston? I'm applying this summer and I'm going to mainly studying for MCAT but what should I do this summer to help? I'm planning to mainly volunteer in hospitals in Manhattan but do have any suggestions? To late for me to apply for SURPs sigh :(


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Jan 22, 2010
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You can earn your EMT/CNA this summer.
Sep 4, 2006
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Three years of clinical research in the ER is enough clinical experience. The research looks terrific. I'd aim for 60-80 hours of shadowing; eight hours will not be enough. It's hard to judge your volunteer work without knowing the hours you put in, but I'd guess you need to work on that, too. What did you do at the VA, and how many hours have you spent? Is there something you could get involved in on a weekly basis?