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Jul 19, 2004
    I just finished my FP residency in Jackson, MS and am looking for employment.

    If I wanted to work in or around Jackson, I'd have no problem as I have numerous contacts with various clinics and hospitals that want to hire me (I've moonlighted with them etc., so they know me and I them).

    Unfortunately, my wife and I want to get the heck out of Mississippi, and I really don't have any such contacts elsewhere.

    Primarily what I'm after is a nice oupatient/urgent care type of job with regular hours, little or no inpatient work, and little or no call. Oh yeah, I'd like to make a lot of cash doing it. :D

    I'm hoping to find something in a nice coastal area such as Hawaii, California, Florida, overseas, etc.

    If anybody has any contacts that they know of that are looking, I'd sure appreciate the lead.

    And if anybody wants such leads for Jackson, MS (Lord only knows why anybody would), let me know.


    Sam McCreedy
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