Hey, I need to find some kaplan courses in my area?

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    I want to take the MCAT by next summer and see how I do. Preferably like late May if possible. So I would like to enroll in a prep course this year. Is there a list of courses that will be offered in my area throughout the 08-09 school year? Like when they will be offered, type of course, length of course, cost if possible, etc.


    Btw I live in Charlottesville, VA, (UVA area)
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    The best way to seek out courses that far into the future is by calling and speaking to an advisor at 800-kaptest. One thing that students seldom know about our program is that the program price is the same whether you enroll 1 year ahead or 3 days ahead of your course, so why not take advantage by enrolling now, taking your diagnostic, and activating all those online assets for the long time that you'd like to study, even if your class doesn't start for a few months.

    Good luck in your preparation!

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