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Jul 8, 2003
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Hi all,

Thanks in advance for helping me with a tough but exciting decision. I have been accepted at Tulane - and it looks like a great place. I really have two questions uppermost on my mind that I didn't get to ask when I visited.

First: I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer and my interest in medicine stems from that experience. I am interested in working with international, immigrant and refugee population in the U.S. and am also hoping to spend some time abroad during summers and clinical years. Have you, or have you known other students (at the medical school or school of public health) who have gotten involved involved with health policy research or in a clinical setting involved with immigrant health? Or, what sorts of international projects have students worked on?

Second: I was wondering how happy most folks are with their financial aid packages, or if you know of good sources for grants.

Thanks so much!

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