HI! Has anyone taken NBME 5? Is it comparable to the real deal?

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Apr 7, 2020
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Thanks for any insight!

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Thank you! Do you know what the correlation is to an approximate usmle score?
I used the 2018 step 3 mean 226 and SD 15 from USMLE guideline interpretation, my 230 score in NBME correlates to 3 SD which is (186) 3 digit score = fail, I took NBME 4 after 3 weeks and I got 330 which 2 sd and correlates( 201) 3 digit score= pass, all of this not official correlation it's just analysis of the information. still ccs portion not calculated.
hope this helps
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I took mine 4 days before the test and got a 390 and 211 on the real deal so it was dead accurate for me
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