Hidden Ways to get clinical volunteer hours


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Oct 15, 2019
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    Does anyone here know about interesting ways to get clinical volunteer hours apart from the regular hospital volunteering, EMT, CNA hospice etc. Not that those aren't interesting but I would like to know if anyone did anything else that if I find really interesting I could find a way to do. So far, not in love with restocking gloves so if anyone knows any fun ways to rack up clinical hours that would be appreciated.


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    Aug 7, 2018
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      There’s a lot of “regular hospital volunteering” that are more hands on than stocking gloves. At my previous hospital volunteering position I delivered mail and flowers to patients and it gave me a great opportunity to talk to people and share a bit of joy they had receiving these items. Depending on where you live, the Red Cross has a variety of positions (some of which more clinical than others). I also really enjoyed volunteering at small free clinics since it gave me more opportunities to be actively involved. If you’re at a hospital position already, I’d recommend talking to the volunteer coordinator to see if there’s other places you can get involved.
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    • Apr 28, 2020
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        Pt care tech, mental health tech (some states req. a cert.), ambulatory services, ER tech, nursing home volunteer, hospice volunteer, medical assistant (some jobs will want a cert.), speech pathologist assistant, forensic pathology assistant, etc. Hope this helps!
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        Apr 5, 2019
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          ^ Yup, one of my friends went for a local free clinic where she even got to help with vitals. With my hospice organization, volunteering entailed spending quality time with your patients by reading books, watching TV together, engaging them in conversations, etc. Since most of the patients are very ill and geriatric, there will be times your visit will be turned down or the patient will spend much of the appointment sleeping. Regardless, I found it to be really meaningful. Or else just look into scribing - there is no better exposure to a physician's workday. I was worried that it would be too generic, but I had interviewers say they were really impressed by my scribing experience (maybe because it wasn't as common in their days)
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