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Jun 11, 2002
One person at my school last year got a letter from his med school a month before matriculation saying that they were withdrawing his acceptance, since he was holding a seat at another school! He DID pull out of the other school, so it was not true!

However, this makes me wonder... If you accept an offer at one school, put down the $100, then get another offer a month later and accept that too, do you have to contact school #1 IMMEDIATELLY to withdraw? Can you hold two seats if it is early in the decision process, and you havent decided? Finally, HOW ON EARTH does a school know if you are holding a seat at another school?


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Jul 27, 2001
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Ah, good question. The answer is that you can hold as many seats as you wish until May 15th. Schools who participate in AMCAS are not supposed to demand you withdraw from others until after that date. Following that date, AMCAS lets schools know where you have been accepted and what seats you are still holding. That's when the schools start sending out the nasty letters. Here are the rules of traffic for medical school admissions, something every applicant should be very familiar with.
They're called recommendations, but they are actually followed pretty strictly by those involved. Many schools will not refund deposits after May 15th and then there are the really fun ones like Finch who never refund deposits.
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