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May 17, 2011
For those struggling with the hole punch section, here are the instructions from the popular line of symmetry video by xJtrandx. I wrote them down back in 2013. I've used this method on the PAT Bootcamp generator and consistently gotten 14/15 out of 15. All credits to @xJtrandx for the rules and instruction.

I would recommend watching this tutorial first to predict the line of symmetry.

-If holes punched near:
EDGE: mirror image will be near edge
BORDERLINE: mirror image near borderline

-(Number of Layers) x (Number of Holes) = Total Holes Punched

Make 4x4 grid

4 Rules (by @xJtrandx)

1) Place "X"s from the last picture onto the grid (including 1/2 hole, full hole).
2) Locate axis of symmetry and reflect shape over axis of symmetry of all the "X"s.
3) "X"s that are already on the axis of symmetry get UNCHANGED.
4) Any "X"s that are present on the other side of the axis of symmetry are "invisible" X's so just cross them out or ignore.

DAT Bootcamp does a good job applying the rules.

Hope you guys find it useful!
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