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homeschooling future pre-meds

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Jim Henderson, Aug 23, 1999.

  1. Jim Henderson

    10+ Year Member

    Aug 22, 1999
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    Hi, I checked out your website and it seems you are
    > very busy. I just need
    > some information. I am homeschooling my daughter
    > and she is going into the
    > 10th grade. She is interested in becoming a doctor
    > and I want to make sure
    > she is getting all the education she needs. Could
    > you please tell me what
    > all subjects are needed to get into college or
    > medical school. So far she
    > has taken algebra I, general science, and biology.
    > I am now working on her
    > curriculum for next year. What all subjects does
    > she need to cover before
    > she gradulates? Any information or tips that could
    > help would be
    > appricated.
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  2. drhenderson

    drhenderson Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Jul 24, 1999
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    As far as medical school goes, what she takes now isn't truly vital.
    However, you should check with colleges to see what each requires as
    Your daughter should have math at least to pre-calculus, should have
    the equivalent of 4 years of English, and should have biology,
    chemistry, and physics. Other advanced science classes might help and
    having her take a class or two at a community college might be a good idea.
    Also, extra-curricular activities should be emphasized and your daughter
    may consider volunteering at a nursing home or attending a medical mission
    trip, etc...

    These will all help! Remember, though, check with individual colleges about
    their requirements.

    Best wishes!

    Jim Henderson, MD

    Jim Henderson, MD of Medicalstudent.net

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