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Apr 11, 2008
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So I have been reading the 10,000 threads for the AAMC exams and I was wondering does the raw score correlate equally with the real MCAT. I know the curves are different for different MCAT exams, but the AAMC raw score give or take 1 or 2 questions says that you need to get at least 38 questions right out of 52 just to get a 10! This is for BS and PS. Is that roughly the margin for the real MCAT aslo? Also I have another question, please answer truthfully as if you were asking directing the question towards yourself and answering. What I mean is try not to be cynical but slightly optimistic if possible.

So I am little worried, my exam is May 31st, I have taken Kaplan FL exams and scored low 20's the first 4, than studied hard and scored a 29 on #5, #6 I scored a 27, than the next one I scored a 32, than a 29. So I have been improving, however, today I took AAMC #3 and scored a 26. so I have roughly 2 week till the MCAT, do you think I should take more AAMC tests and try to learn from my mistakes (even though I have been doing this with Kaplan material for a month) or do you think I should void the test because my chances of getting a 30+ on the real exam are slim?