hong kong dentist

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Jul 31, 2008
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hi guys!

could you help me?

i just graduated DDM i wanna try to take hong kong dental lisence exam.

i don 't have lisence yet. can i apply it without own lisence and experience?

please help me guys

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hey dksclrhkdml, I'm in a similar situation as you, i'm doing residency in us right now, but i'm also interested in applying for hong kong license. Did you find out about how to go about doing so?
Can you both read chinese?
I think I have some information, but I'm not sure where I have them. I can look for the papers if you want. A friend of mine in HK gave me tha papers but I can ask him aout the webpage.
Why you want to go to HK? Everyone wants to come to USA to be a dentist :)
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thank you so much teru. Yea I can read chinese, the website is very helpful, I'm going to call them and ask for more detailed info. Since I was born in Hong Kong, I just want to practice there for a few years and see if I like it~