Hoping to apply MD...thoughts?


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Mar 22, 2020
  1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
    Long story short. Testing about about a 503 right now with a 7/18 date. I am all ready to submit my primary, but worried I won't be able to push a 510 by 7/18. What are the consequences of submitting my primary to 1 MD school, getting my MCAT back and just holding off until next cycle? Hoping to apply 30+ MD and 8+ DO but this may change with my MCAT score.

    Some things to note on my app:
    White, Male, not disadvantaged, Residence is FL
    cGPA: 3.33 Biomedical Engineering
    ECs: collegiate athlete, >2000 clinical hours (research is lumped here as well due to being a CRC), 9 peer review publications on my app (5 In Press, 1 Provisional acceptance, 3 Pending), ~80 volunteering hours with JDRF and athletics, worked part time valet for 4 yrs, 250 hours shadowing coincidentally thru a formal immersion engineering program
    Most recent MCAT (not real one..AAMC FL2): 127/121/128/125 (503)
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