Jul 31, 2015
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Hey guys.

I'm about to enter my junior year of high school. This is the second summer that I've volunteered at a local hospital, and I've loved every second of it! As I was looking ahead to next summer, I got to thinking that instead of just volunteering, I should find a job there. However, I I looked around, most the jobs I could find in a hospital require a high school degree/GED as well as a certification that requires training, such as a phlebotomist. I go to a boarding school so it impossible for me to do training during the school year.

I was wondering if there were any summer jobs for high-schoolers in hospitals or in a clinical setting like a doctor's office? I know it's unlikely but I would appreciate your insight.


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Jan 4, 2016
Tethys, Saturn
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I mean no offense but just relax, there'll be plenty of time to find a hospital job once you're further along. Volunteer again, work in a lab or just a regular part-time job. This is a marathon and you got plenty of yrs to build up a strong application profile.
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