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Housing at NYCOM

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by Zhenka, May 3, 2001.

  1. Zhenka

    Zhenka Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Hey guys, I hope I'm not the only one who'll need to find a place to live next year. If anybody can share insights, I'd really appreciate it. I heard that it's a good idea to get in touch with M2 students who're leaving for clinical rotations and vacating their appts. Does anybody know where those M2s can be found? Do we have an access to NYCOM web ring? Also, what other sources do people use when looking for a place? Does anybody rent studios or do most people live with roommates? How much time reasonably would it take, to find an appt??
    Thanks to anyone who responds,
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  3. NYCOMScrubs

    NYCOMScrubs Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 12, 2000
    Here's the skinny on finding housing:
    First off, start early. The earlier you start looking the more options you'll have. The last week iin August will come up on you pretty fast and you don't want to be stuck looking for housing during orientstion.
    Second, some good places to start looking for housing are:
    1. Visit NYCOM. There is a housing list with up to date listings located in the Library at the circulation desk (just go in and ask for it). There is also one in the Student affairs office on the second floor of NYCOM III (the new building). You could also check the bulletin boards in and around the cafeteria in NYCOM I for housing listings.
    2. The NYCOM webboard. There are always listings in the housing section. You should receive info on how to access it in your orientation packet. If you are really anxious for access to the web board, you can always call up the school to find out how.
    3. Check newspapers like Newsday and teh pennisaver.
    4. Realtors- although beware you'll have to pay them a broker fee which is usually a month's rent. Its cheaper and better to do it on your own if you can. Some realtors in the area are: Cove Realty (516) 676-8899, Cedar Cove Realty (516) 671-1800, Home Hunters (516) 661-9300, AA-1 Apartment Hunter (516) 546-6684, AAA Room Finders (516) 783-5000, D&S Realty (516) 565-4928
    5. On the internet. Check out: or
    Third, find a roommate. Its cheaper to rent a house or an apartment if you have a roommate or two. Studios in Long Island start around $600 and one bedrooms start at $700. If you share a house rent ranges anywhere from $350 to $550 per person. Utilities are usually separate. The best way to find a roommate is to get in touch with other incoming students, either on this webboard or the nycom webboard or call up the ppl you met during your interview. You can also check the housing book at NYCOM. It contains poatings for roommates as well as apartments.
    And lastly, where to live...
    The best place to live by far is Glen Cove. Thats where most students live. Its cheaper than some of the other surrounding areas and is a close enough commute not to be a hassle. As far as finding cheaper neighborhoods in exchange for a longer commute, it probably won't happen. This is metropolitan New York. Its expensive no matter where you live.
    Other areas near by to consider are: Oyster Bay, Sea Cliff, Roslyn, Bayville, Westbury, Glen Head, and Greenvale. There all within a 20 minute commute from NYCOM are are relatively safe neighborhoods.
    Well, I hope this helps. Good Luck and enjoy the summer. The hard stuff is coming!
  4. rosebud

    rosebud Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 19, 2000
    another website that might be helpful- A lot of stuff shows up in there without the ridiculous brokers fee- considering how little our student loan checks will be next year due to the tuition hike, you will need every penny extra. Get access to the weboard asap- alot of second years are leaving now and vacating their nice cheap places for the summer. You will want a roomie to save costs and mental health bills. A shared apartment can go as low as $400,and a studio does not go below $600 here in Ghadi land.....

    And, most importantly, DO NOT BUY *******ANYTHING****BEFORE YOU GET HERE! They will give you this list of materials worth close to a grand of junk to buy- the only books I could not have done without at NYCOM were Netters and Yokochi for anatomy, Robbins for Pathology, a decent medical dictionary (Dorlands pocket edition is great for stuffing into the bag, and perhaps micro made ridiculously simple. The rest- the profs give you class notes that have just about all your heart deires, and then some.
    I realize I am veering off the topic here, but hey, I would have loved to know this before I started......

    Oh yeah- they will huff and puff about a dress code for the students- do not go out and buy new clothing..... all it entails is a white coat attached somewhere to your body when there is a dean nearby.

    Good luck gang! Were glad to have you onboard!
  5. NYCOMScrubs

    NYCOMScrubs Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 12, 2000

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