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Jul 19, 2003
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What's the difference between alpha kappa alpha and phi rho sigma fraternities?

Apparently Alpha Kappa Alpha charges $200 less per month and doesn't give you a meal plan; also, it is 8 minutes farther away from campus on foot.

I saw the phi rho sigma house, it looks pretty nice... Advice appreciated

{key words frats fraternity apartment roommate bedroom room rent university iowa city student ladybugs society societies}


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Oct 13, 2001
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I stayed at the phi rho sigma house for my interview and had a GREAT time. Everyone in the house was SUPER friendly. It would definitly be a place I would seriously consider living at. It is really big. There are different sized rooms and your rent is based on the size of your room. They have a large kitchen, game room, really really big study, tv room. The bathrooms are community bathrooms but it wasn't a problem. There is also a computer room next to the kitchen. It was right beside the school so it only took my 5 minutes to walk to my interview.
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