Mar 26, 2010
My husband is graduating from Veterinary School in May and we are looking at selling our mobile home. Its located 2 miles from campus in colonial gardens off Tuttle Creek Blvd. Its a 2 bed 2 bath, 14*66 Schult with a large deck. With us being transferred to Virginia and me being pregnant we do not want to move with a lot of our things and have extra items to throw in for free if you need them like food pantries, entertainment centers, tv, coffee table, vacuum, an extra shed, etc.. If you are interested I would be happy to show you the house or show you some pictures. Please call my husband Jon at 785-418-4477 or email me at [email protected]. Good Luck next year


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Jan 23, 2007
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...since this is a thread about KSU housing, thought I'd add in the fact that I'm looking for a roommate (my current roommate is getting married!).

Looking for a male or female, have a three-legged cat but no additional pets allowed per my landlord. :( However, the apartment is 1.5 miles from school, has three bedrooms (but only two people--the third is used as an office), washer/dryer in apartment. Plus, since I'm starting clinics in May, you won't see me very often and it'll be kind of like living by yourself! :D Fully furnished except for your stuff, so easy-peasy. If interested feel free to send me a PM! Rent is about $475/month plus utilities--but it's for 1.5 bedrooms of space.

Congrats to you and your husband, gabe0708!!!!


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Jan 4, 2013
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Anyone else who might have a lease ending at the end of this semester?

My SO and I are looking for housing in Manhattan. PM with your details if you're looking for someone to take over your lease or would like to help your landlord find new tenants.