Housing in Biddeford, ME

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by Biljana, Nov 12, 2002.

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    Hey all, I am just wondering what the standard of living is in Biddeford (housing rates, utilities in the winter time especially)? Is it difficult to find year round housing, preferrably pet friendly? I am curious b/c I live in east Tennessee where housing is very affordable with very mild winters. Any info is much appreciated, thanx.
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    maine is east coast cost of living.

    it is much lower than a place like massachusetts, of course, but it will be more expensive than tennessee.

    heating costs are an issue! electirc heat is expensive. large, old, drafty apartments are expensive. you gotta plan ahead

    many of my classmates found year round pet-friendly housing. my advice is to just call an real-estate broker up there.

    UNE also puts out an off-campus housing list that can be VERY helpful. dec-jan is the time to start on that.

    an example: year 1-lived by self rent $475 month for studio on beach
    electric bill 80-100 in mos nov-mar

    year two-roomate in beach house $325 month
    gas heating-$400 for the year in much larger apartment.

    hope this helps!
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