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Housing in Kirksville

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by OldManDave, May 30, 1999.

  1. OldManDave

    OldManDave Fossil Bouncer Emeritus Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Feb 26, 1999
    Lafayette, IN
    OK...for those of you heading to K'Ville, let my and my wife's experiences help you to avoid what you will encounter.

    First, steady yourself for being shown places that will shock you at their abhorrent condition. I'm talking houses w/o bathtubs, washer connections in the middle of the living room, no A/C---NONE, heat supplied by a single gas stove in one room for the entire house, carpeting that is comprised od remnents of very worn out inddor/outdoor carpet...and a virtual absolute pet exclusion--->even in houses that couldn't possibly be further damaged w/o being condemned!!!

    However, take heart...although in very short supply, there is quality housing there. I have for you a short list of some VERY helpful people with quality properties:

    Greg Guffy 660-665-7770: owns/manages several VERY nice duplexes in the King Ridge sub-division [NE K'Ville, near the Wal-Mart] and allows small pets. Greg was very helpful and is well connected to other owners of QUALITY properties.

    Sparks Const 660-665-4623: owns/manages 11 nice [2BR/2.5BA] townhouses, also in King's Ridge; and rents exclusively to KCOM students/families...

    The following two gentlemen are the ONLY real estate agents who will even speak to you after you tell them you have a pet.
    Larry Daniels 660-665-5678 [Cent 21]
    Tom Duncan 660-665-3400 [ERA Realty]

    You will shocked at how VERY VERY few landlords will even consider allowing pets. This will be especially frustrating once you see the deplorable condition of the vast majority of the houses/apartments.

    Also, if you can get anything in the "Woodwinds" condos...JUMP ON IT!! We purchased a unit there this week.

    A word of warning, the market for the good properties is extremely tight. They will be rented almost as soon as they are available. It is the luck of timing...the largest turn-over of the good stuff will be between Aug 1~15. That's when all the new MS3s are leaving for their clerkship cities.

    Best of luck to you...we ended-up buying cause we couldn't find anything fit for human nor dog to live in.

    E-mail me for more info!

    'Old Man Dave'
    KCOM, Class of '03
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  3. doogie

    doogie Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 16, 1998
    Dallas, TX USA

    Thanks for the information regarding housing. I was wondering if you had any additional information for apartments. Did you see any apartments at all? Were they just as nasty as some of the houses? I need to find a place in Kville at the end of June. Thanks

  4. OldManDave

    OldManDave Fossil Bouncer Emeritus Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Feb 26, 1999
    Lafayette, IN
    There are very few of what you would call an apartment complex. And almost all of those 'complexes' are in the region of Truman State. I was warned by more than one person that they tend to be "party central" as well.

    Definitely check out the Woodwinds!

    Also, none of the groupings of rentals or complexes are centrally owned. In one complex, several landlords own individual units and you rent from them. That means no management on premises from what I could tell.

    Believe me, it's all very odd! Essentially, K'Ville is geographically isolated enough that commuting is impractical. The two nearest towns are both less than 100 people and their rental properties are supposedly more dismal than K'Ville's.

    'Old Man Dave'
    KCOM, Class of '03
  5. Rach

    Rach Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Feb 17, 1999
    Kirksville, MO
    I would like to add to Dave's listings. I found two others that were very helpful. I found a great place 2 weeks ago. I also viewed a new and very nice duplex that I didn't take, that was through Heritage House Real Estate Agency. They seemed to have control over several duplexes in town that were pretty nice. I finally rented something from Craig Kilmer who is a local builder and contractor who is currently building several units near KCOM that will be ready in August and controls a lot of properties in town that he has built.
  6. Philbert

    Philbert Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Mar 1, 1999
    newark, nj usa

    Do you have a number where I could reach this Craig Kilmer guy? I will be heading to K-ville on the 8-10 of june to find a place.

    you can email me at [email protected], if you like.


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