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New Member
Apr 19, 2012
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  1. Pre-Pharmacy
Hi, I'm searching preferably for a female roommate willing to do some apartment searching with me for the next 2012 school year in the St Louis area.

For a roommate ideally I am looking for:
- Cleanliness in the common area
- respectful
- considerate
- does not smoke or do drugs
- Preferably no loud college parties (get togethers with friends is okay as long as it doesn't get out of hand ie. drunken messes)
- preferably no pets (will negotiate)

About me:
- I am relatively neat/clean except when I get busy but the mess is located in my room
- More of a homebody
- I enjoy running and swimming
- I'm mostly quiet
- I watch little to no television
- I can either be a night owl or an early bird
- I have two roommates with whom I've lived with who can attest to my character (I can ask them to contact you if needed)
- I enjoy cooking and don't mind sharing my food as long as you're not mooching all the time

Housing, I'm looking for somewhere with:
- On-site laundry
- Safe and clean (I'm petrified of bugs)
- Close to STLCOP (St Louis College of Pharmacy)
- Indoor/Garage parking preferred
- Relatively quiet, but I adapt pretty well

I would like:
- A gym
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