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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by KB, Jun 11, 1999.

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    For years now, and especially since my interest in medicine has grown, I've heard about how grueling medical residencies are. I've read about the hours and about how many people think our residencies here in the US are far from being the optimal model for training.

    Of course, the media has to sell their magazines, and the authors have to sell their books and I'm a big believer that they selectively print only what they think will make a "good" story. Who can say how accurate what I've read really is?

    What's your take on things? Are you folks that are in them now finding them as rough as we are led to believe? Not just the hours, but the work you do and how you are treated by those higher up the food chain. Are things getting better or getting worse? Is there any time for any semblance of a balanced life?

    Just curious. Thanks!


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