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Sep 30, 2005
I'm not taking the real thing for a few months, but I'm taking some preliminary verbal to get a sense of where I'm at.

So far I have done some EK 101 tests, and the verbal section on the Kaplan Premier Program 2008-2009 FL in the book.

EK1: 11
EK2: 10
Kaplan Premiere: 10 (however I got 35/40, and I feel like this scale was unusually difficult), according to other scales I would've got an 11 or 12.

I also took the free AAMC test a year ago and got an 11.

My goal on the real thing is a solid 12. Do you think I am within striking range, or is the 11 to 12 hump a big obstacle?



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Jan 29, 2010
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Yes, if you got an 11 on the AAMC you are definitely capable of getting a 12 on the real thing. 11 to 12 is not a huge obstacle--just keep practicing and definitely read explanations for the questions. I ranged from 10 to 14 on the practice tests and got an 11 on the real thing.

My approach to verbal was not very systematic, though; I typically just went with my gut instinct. I think you should really read the explanations for the answers to get a better feel for why certain answers are correct. I never really did that and I think my verbal score suffered as a result. (Not that I wasn't happy with an 11, but the 14 VR on a practice test makes me think I had the potential to do better than I actually did.)

Also, you should know that the passages on the real test are longer than those found in practice tests!