How are my chances as a sophomore? Areas of improvement?


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Jul 15, 2015
  1. Pre-Medical
    Chemistry Major - state school - NYS resident

    GPA: 3.95

    - 1 year with Big/Brothers Sisters
    - President of two clubs
    - 1 year with soup kitchen
    - Ambassador leader at the hospital I volunteer at
    - ~300 hours of clinical volunteering
    - 100 hours of shadowing
    - Honor society
    - Doing research very soon
    -Joining the peace-corps after I graduate (I want to join it, not sure to take the MCAT before hand, or when I come back)

    The only red-flag with my application is I technically took a leave of absence this semester. I am taking two science courses over summer to get back on track.

    What can I improve? Should I drop the position as president next semester, and give it to someone else in order to add another non-clinical activity I'm interested in?
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    Jun 9, 2016
    1. Medical Student
      You have a good mix of clinical and nonclinical volunteering and your GPA is excellent. All you need now is a solid MCAT score and you're set. It is good you will start research as well.
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